Up to 33% discount 

Jeanne d'Arclaan 51, Amstelveen


As your realtor we have a great and properly equipped network to support you in buying or selling your house. 
Percentage or fixed price has its advantages and disadvantages. Depending if your buying or selling. We can share them with you over the phone.

Realtor, with our personal approach, we offer you a percentage or a fixed price.
33% discount on our fee (brokerage) of 1,5%, becomes 1 % with a minimum of € 3.000,-

*Fixed fees:
€ 1.500,- for an object price between € 0,- and € 100.000,-
€ 3.000.- for an object price between € 100.000,01 and € 400.000,-
€ 4.000,- for an object price between € 400.000,01,- and € 700.000,-
€ 5.000,- for an object price from € 700.000,01

Notary, we often work with Hoekstra & Partners and are happy to extend a 10% discount on the fees.

Mortgage advisors, we have a few advisors we would recommend and therefore we also offer a 5% discount.

Disclaimer: all the discounts are only applicable through Roomswop & Housing. You cannot demand our offer separately or directly from Hoekstra & Partners or anyone else we refer you to.

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our services. Please send an email to info@roomswop.com or send a whatsapp message on +31686440639

We can't wait to meet you!


*Fees excl. VAT, includes intake, advice, assistance in viewing, finding off line and online properties, research, negotiations and more.
*Fixed prices have limits in assistance when it comes to viewings, but we do work out a plan and timetable with you.
*Percentage has up to 20 viewings accompanied by us.
*No limits in collecting & arranging viewings with fixed fees and percentage fees.