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We can temporarily take over the lease, guaranteed payment each month according to agreement.
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    Remember, we cannot change the world overnight but if we ONLY start then the rest will follow. There are numerous charities byNONE can support, but selections are based on relations and encounters. We believe there are no stories more genuine than the ones we experience ourselves.

    byNONE wants to visit and experience the projects and organisations it supports before hand.
    Natasha, the founder of byNONE visited Vision Rescue in Mumbai, India. She went to see  and engage  by actively running with their activities. She was amazed to see what they do for the children and other people in nee.
    Education is given through a school bus, designed in such a way that Vision Rescue is able to provide education to communities by driving from slum to slum.
    We like the hearts of men and women who wake up each morning to prepare meals and complete a program for the children in the slums. We like their vision. They bring school to the slums, medical care to the needy and, above all, love everywhere they go.

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    This was fun.

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